What’s Taiwanzonian

Hello! Welcome to Taiwanzonian!

Established in August 2017, Taiwanzonian is a company-wide affinity group aims to support Taiwanese employees and to promote Taiwanese culture at Amazon. The group is managed by Team of Taiwanzonian (ToT) –  The team consists of passionate volunteers across the company and the continents.


2017年的仲夏,一群熱情地亞馬遜公司志工團隊發起了臺灣協會的成立。在未來,我們希望透過協會積極地運作來達成以下使命:(1) 加強成員間的信任連結,拓展社交 (2) 協助成員的職涯發展,相互分享及成長 (3) 將臺灣元素帶進亞馬遜,讓更多人認識臺灣文化 (4) 期許作為成員間的感情交流平台,傳遞及分享溫暖。

What’s the mission of Taiwanzonian

Career & Professional Development

  • Connect Taiwanese employees to improve working experience
  • Provide structured platform to assist career growth and professional development
  • Promote Amazonian culture to the new hires as well as potential candidates

Diversity Expansion

  • Collaborate with other affinity groups to promote diversity within the company
  • Support and participate company-wide volunteer and recruitment events

Promote the Culture of Taiwan

  • Welcome all Amazonians who are interested in Taiwanese culture
  • Organize cultural events to introduce the uniqueness of Taiwanese culture

Note: Taiwanzonian is not an exclusive organization, membership and participation is not only for Taiwanese employees but open to the entire community.